Filling by hyarulonic acid

Biodegradable fillers (e.g., hyaluronic acid) which last for variable periods of time are used to treat deep wrinkles, peribuccal (lip contours) wrinkles, nasolabial folds, worry lines, etc. This molecule is perfectly compatible with the skin and requires no pre-testing.



These fillers are injected beneath the wrinkle at various depths, with or without local anaesthetic. New non-traumatic taper-tip needles enable gentle treatment and reduce the risk of haematomas. In addition, most fillers used nowadays contain an anesthetic which makes the procedure virtually pain-free.

Duration of treatment

The treatment takes a few minutes. As with botulinum toxin, you can immediately resume your activities.


The effect is almost instantaneous. The only side effects of the treatment, if at all, may consist of some more or less pronounced red areas or small haematomas at the injection sites which disappear within 2 to 3 days.

Price of treatment

Our price list is in swiss francs and indicative. Any medical treatment requires a prior consulting. After the consultation a budget and the number of fillers can be defined.
Aesthetic medicine consultation: 120.-
Consultation de médecine esthétique: 120.-
Small hyarulonic acid filler 400.-
Big hyarulonic acid filler from 650.-
Price list valid from 1st january 2018