Hairline Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy of the scalp meets the needs of both men and women. Hair loss or impaired quality can become bothersome. Mesotherapy effectively stimulates the regrowth and strength of hair.

Haircare is indicated in cases of decreased capillary density, brittle and dry hair as well as chronic irritation of the scalp. It is an innovative formula combining hyaluronic acid and restructuring vitamin complex.


Treatment consists of multiple pricks to the entire scalp with a mixture of hyaluronic acid, folic acid, biotin and specific vitamins.

Duration of treatment

The scalp is treated each week for the first 6 weeks and then sessions are repeated two to three times a year.


The scalp is revitalised and hydrated, the dermis is protected by an antioxidant complex and hair loss is decreased. The texture of the reinforced hair will regain its brilliance and strength.

Price of treatment

Our price list is in swiss francs and indicative. Any medical treatment requires a prior consulting.
Aesthetic medicine consultation: 120.-
Mesotherapy hairline, 6 sessions 1'900.-
Price list valid from 1st january 2018



« I started losing my hair at the age of 25 and didn't handle it well. I grew it out to hide the clearing forming on the top of my head and on my two temples. I began wearing a cap as soon as I could. »