Happy to share with you experiences without taboos


    I feel better, and the results look natural and incredible!

    Sophie has benefited from a treatment of injections of hyaluronic acid into the dark circles around the eyes, and into the nasolabial folds. Here is her story (not her real name): After 2 days, I would like to thank you, I did not think that doing this kind of treatment could help develop self-confidence that much. I feel better and I find the results incredible and natural. As I have already said, I was lucky that you were recommended to me.

    With all my gratitude, I am looking forward to continuing the treatments.



    I started losing my hair at the age of 25 and didn't handle it well. I grew it out to hide the clearing forming on the top of my head and on my two temples. I began wearing a cap as soon as I could.

    I had my first hair transplant at the age of 35. I consulted a specialist who told me that within a few months I would have a natural and harmonious head of hair. So, I took the step.
    When D-day arrived, I went to see the doctors, two women who specialise in cutting and reimplanting grafts. I spent 5 hours with 6 hands working on my head. I slept at times, listened to music, chatted and even laughed along with this excellent team who showed me so much attention and empathy. After that session, I spent 3 days at home while the small edema that had formed on my forehead and eyes disappeared.
    The stitches on the back of my head were removed after 10 days and the thin scar is now completely invisible as it blends in with my hair.
    By the fourth day I had resumed my daily routine. After several weeks, I could see the regrowth in my newly implanted hair.
    Three years later, I went in for a second session to thicken my hair. Today, I am particularly satisfied with this treatment that had very few side effects and was able to restore my self-confidence. I don't wear hats any more and I even put my head underwater when I swim – there's no more bald spot when I come up.
    If I had it to do over I would make the same decision.
    F.L, 46 years old.



    My wife and I looked like two sad puppy dogs. We were constantly looking at ourselves in the mirror, directly and in profile, and we tugged at the skin hanging from our eyelids. My wife couldn't even put on make-up and I started to be embarrassed at the sight of myself.

    We went together. After the consultation, we decided to have the operation at the same time.
    After receiving a local anaesthetic which stung, one hour each was enough to end up with tiny, flesh-coloured plasters on our eyelids. After a week, the plasters and the cotton were removed – we looked and felt fresh and rejuvenated. My wife started putting on make-up again and she rediscovered her smile that made me fall in love with her.
    A few months later, I decided to have the pockets under my eyes removed to further refine my look. Despite living a healthy life, I had signs of fatigue that embarrassed me. I wore sunglasses for a few days as I had a light oedema and I very quickly started to receive a ton of compliments on my healthy glow. My friends even thought that I had lost weight! Proof that a small change can make a big difference.
    I.L 53 years old & R.L 54 years old



    Everything was going fine until spring arrived... No more large sweaters that hide the body. Then, shame and fright when I tried on my summer clothes.

    I started dieting and working out; but in spite of everything, I had this stubborn fat that refused to cooperate. So I decided to make an appointment for Coolsculpting. I had read nothing but good things about the technique in magazines. I even heard an interview on the radio which convinced me.
    So I dragged my spare tyre to a consultation. After setting up a comprehensive treatment plan with the doctor, the assistants weighed me and took all of my measurements to begin remodeling my body.
    I underwent treatment on 11 areas of over the course of 4 sessions: Inner thighs, cellulite, love handles, abdomen and even my back at my bra straps. I had really made the decision to take care of myself.
    After my initial bizarre encounter with the suction cup, the sessions were actually quite pleasant. The cold anaesthetized the treated areas so I slept and read while the machine worked. Once the treatments were done I had some stiffness and a few light bruises with a tingling sensation in certain areas.
    But how happy I was when I started to feel myself shedding weight from all sides after 2-3 weeks! The pictures that the doctors took after three months were amazing! I had already forgotten how chubby I was before the treatment. Of course, I kept exercising and eating well.
    Now I can sport short skirts, bikinis and tight tops.
    R.F, 42 years old



    I did everything I could: apricot butter on my chest and my thighs. No excessive weight gain...I listened to all the advice I was given. But nature is too strong.

    After giving birth to twins, I found much to my chagrin that was belly and upper thighs were covered with stretch marks.
    I was convinced that I was going to grow old with them.
    During a check-up up with my dermatologist, I shared my concerns with him and he sent me to the Clinique Matignon. The sessions that followed the aesthetic consultation were not very painful and most importantly they got me back into a two-piece swimsuit. I also found renewed pleasure in showing my belly to my husband while being intimate. I'm back to my old self.
    It's true that I went back 5 times, but the time I invested allowed me to reconcile with my female body.


    Face | Silhouette

    For the most part my genetics are good, but I've been noticing that my face is beginning to look tired. I've always used various techniques to take care of my face and I decided to try this treatment after my best friend told me about it.

    The doctor and I chose to concentrate on my lower face, neck and chest, which were beginning to look like my mother's! I was somewhat stressed when I got there but I was greeted very kindly. After I put on a robe, they took standardized photos and the treatment began.
    The doctor explained everything to me and applied the first impulse. I felt the sensation of heat, mostly on my neck and during the first ten minutes of the treatment. After that the treatment became comfortable and I started joking with the technician. The session lasted two hours; I was amazed at the immediate result.
    For several days after that my skin was sensitive, with a sensation of tightness. I kept applying the cosmetic products that my doctor had recommended. After several months, my face was like brand new, my neck was smoother and my chest was refreshed.
    Today, I continue to maintain it all with deep hydration sessions using mesotherapy.

  • I can’t stand this tired look anymore. That’s it, I’m having a Thermage done!

    Face | Silhouette

    I was a little stressed the day before, as a friend had told me it was painful. But when I arrived in Matignon in the morning, I was treated like a queen. I was given a fluffy bathrobe, photos were taken and it all happened very smoothly.

    The doctor showed up and was very reassuring indeed. He applied a few impulses onto my cheek. I felt heat, and eventually pain. Ouch! That’s it, we had reached my threshold. And then came back to a simple feeling of heat.
    An hour and a half later, I could already feel my skin was tighter, the technician applied a cream to face and massaged it in.
    Today, six months later, I wake up feeling great every morning, lovely cheeks, neat neck, even if I look down; everybody says I look smashing!

  • There’s got to be a way back to my twenties’ cells!

    Face | Neckline

    I was told about giving my skin a glare by stimulating my own cells, but I had no idea how to get there.

    My cleavage had gone all wrinkly and my complexion dull.
    But my Matignon clinic has come up with a truly cool technique: give a boost to my skin cells by stimulating growth factors harvested in my own blood!
    One blood sample, from which the doctor extracts precious stimulating factors, then injects them back into my face and cleavage through ultra fine needles.
    I hardly felt a thing. A little redness for the rest of the day, I didn’t even have to avoid the world and on the following day, it’s as if my skin had started breathing again!
    It’s full of energy!

  • My mom and I do it together, filling our skin stocks of vitamins and hydration


    We started face and neck mesotherapy three years ago.

    My mother also does her cleavage, to keep it from ageing too fast. We have a chat while the technician applies anaesthetic cream. Thirty minutes later, the session begins. You hardly feel it, like an itch. You can smell vitamins all around the room. You’d swear you could feel your dermal cells smile with joy! One day after we’re both looking great already. I did get a small bruise once, the size of a freckle, but most of the time nothing at all.
    It helps me keep my skin looking fresh and boost the cells that felt tired after my pregnancy. Mum needs it more to keep her skin hydrated, and it looks so much fresher after each session.
    If I have an important party, I just slip in a session three days before and my skin looks beautiful on the D-day.

  • My secret to keep fit...

    Face | Lips

    ...sport three times a week, five fruit and vegetables a day and two yearly stops in Clinique Matignon!

    I always believed treating aged skin by fillers or muscle relaxants was for others. Not me. I like myself the way I am.
    But when the way I am looks sad, because of these hollow eyes, and people tell me I look tired, I don’t enjoy it that much.
    And had I known it was that easy, I definitely would have done it earlier.
    I started by making sure the doctor understood exactly what I was hoping to recover, then she applied the treatment with needles so thin I hardly felt them.
    And now my face looks like it used to!

  • There’s just got to be a way to make those fat deposits go without surgery nowadays…


    I just couldn’t stand those heavy thighs anymore. And I’m so pleased I was able to find a way to enjoy that part of my body again !

    The treatment itself was done in a perfectly professional way : measurements, pictures, settings done by the doctor, then the technician set me up comfortably and regularly kept my skin moist whilst a cutting edge device proceeded to silently make fat deposits melt, right where I did not want them anymore.
    At time my skin felt very warm, but when that happened, the technique allows simply pausing and starting again once we feel up to it, without reducing efficiency.
    One of my friends, actually more sensitive to pain than myself, chose to do it with a mild anesthetic.
    And then, two months later: wow!! My body got rid of the fat cells destroyed by Liposonix and I feel so much better!

  • Long live permanent laser hair removal! Six thirty minute sessions in Matignon, against a lifetime struggling against body hair!

    Face | Silhouette

    Can you believe it! Smooth hairless skin!! Exactly where I spent years extracting hairs, every three weeks, month after month, needless to mention ingrown inflamed hairs. And all of a sudden…absolute luxury…

    I had spent a lot of time thinking about it, hesitating, hearing the technique was not permanent, required several sessions, and all kinds of divergent opinions.
    But finally decided to give it a try, curious to find out myself. So instead of tracking down hairs, I simply laid back, letting a super professional technician deal with them. She gave me a briefing and made me feel comfortable, in a bed, and proceeded to eliminating the hairs, while was dreaming of all kinds of nice things. The anesthetic cream must have helped, but it all happened very calmly.
    Each further session was all about the excitement of seeing all those hairs fade away. Without a single effort, actually practically falling asleep during the last sessions!