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Special Clinique Matignon's 10th anniversary offer

du Wednesday 28 June 2017 au Thursday 31 August 2017.

10 years = 10% discount

E-CONSULTATION, an exclusivity of MATIGNON

du Wednesday 01 February 2017 au Sunday 31 December 2017.

You have questions about a treatment, but you have little time...
The solution : an e-consultation CHF 90.0 / 20 minutes via FaceTime

Offrez à votre corps un lifting sans chirurgie

du Sunday 01 January 2017 au Sunday 31 December 2017.

Choisissez une zone de votre corps et redonnez-lui fermeté et tonicité.
Notre offre : CHF 4'200.- au lieu de CHF 5'500.-

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What a pity, a brand new ring on a finger covered in spots!

I was always led to believe dark spots of ageing were just the way it had to go, that there was no miracle rubber to erase them.


There’s just got to be a way to make those fat deposits go without surgery nowadays…

I just couldn’t stand those heavy thighs anymore. And I’m so pleased I was able to find a way to enjoy that part of my body again !



I did everything I could: apricot butter on my chest and my thighs. No excessive weight gain...I listened to all the advice I was given. But nature is too strong.


I always thought it was a fatality…but this treatment changed my life!

For me, summer or winter, it’s all the same. No way I can wear a tight shirt or top, except maybe a back one. Otherwise, no matter what, three showers a day and multiple deodorant applications...


I can’t stand this tired look anymore. That’s it, I’m having a Thermage done!

I was a little stressed the day before, as a friend had told me it was painful. But when I arrived in Matignon in the morning, I was treated like a queen. I was given a fluffy bathrobe, photos were...