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Aesthetic medicine you can trust

The Matignon Clinic was founded by three passionate doctors from different backgrounds and with complementary areas of expertise: a dermatologist, an aesthetic doctor and an aesthetic surgeon.

The Matignon Clinic’s medical aesthetic clinics work to provide professional medical solutions that meet the needs of women and men of all ages seeking perfection, rejuvenation and harmony


The Matignon Clinic’s medical specialists are selected according to very strict criteria:

  • qualifications
  • professional experience
  • ethics
  • artistic sense (an essential quality in their specialist field)

Our clinics are equipped with outstanding technical facilities:

  • a full range of latest-generation lasers (enabling us to offer treatments tailored towards
    each specific requirement)
  • a highly advanced technological system (skin tightening, non-surgical lifts)
  • a fully equipped treatment room for minor surgery under local anaesthetic.


Our specialist doctors follow a specific code of conduct:

  • we check each patient’s motivations and the feasibility of the treatment sought. We may
    have to refuse treatment on medical or psychological grounds; this is in order to prevent
  • we give our patients very precise information about the treatment sought, explaining the
    advantages and disadvantages in a way the patient can easily understand.
  • we also inform our patients about the possibilities currently offered by the latest techniques,
    the number of sessions that will be necessary, any potential complications and the total
    cost of the treatment.


For us, the consultation is the most important stage of the treatment; it is essential that a relationship of trust is established between you and the specialist, to allow you to express your desires, explain the reasons for your choices, tell us what results you are hoping to achieve, and so that we can understand you fully


We ensure total safety in all of the treatments offered at our clinics thanks to: our analysis and understanding of our patients’ needs and desires; treatments provided in a medical environment; the expertise and professionalism of our doctors and all Matignon Clinic staff; and, above all, medical monitoring during and after treatment.

Aesthetic medicine you can trust

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