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Plasma lift

Stalling the passing of time with the platelet rich plasma (PRP) technique is a simple, effective, and lasting method to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin.

Clinique Matignon - Plasma Lift


After taking a few millilitres of your blood, our doctor extracts the platelet-rich part and uses this youth essence, which is rich in growth factors, to coat the entire skin of your face, neck or neckline, according to a mesotherapy-like technique.


After the first two days of plasma diffusion, you will regain a rehydrated, smooth, and fresh skin., with an intensified effect if you repeat the session once or twice, depending on your age and your goal.


The treatment lasts 1 hour.

Treatment duration:
1-3 séances
Indicative budget :
Dès CHF 900.-

Plasma lift: prices

Our price list is indicative and valid from 31 December 2017.

Discount for 18-28 years old: -25%

Any medical treatment requires a prior consulting. After the consultation a budget can be defined.
Aesthetic medicine consultation: 120.-

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