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Permanent hair removal

With our latest-generation appliances, permanent or long-term depilation is more effective than ever. Intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser treatment allows the removal of unwanted hair permanently independently of their location in the face or on the body.

Thanks to the most recent advances in technology, it is now possible to perform depilation on all skin types in complete safety. Each of our clinics is equipped with various appliances adapted to any skin type and obtains guaranteed results.

A free consultation with one of our doctors is mandatory in order to define the most effective method for you.


The laser of pulsed light beam sweeps the surface to be depilated. The light pulses penetrate the skin and at the same time destroy hundreds of hair follicles. The treatment is generally performed under topical anesthetic (Emla® cream).


This method is pleasant and risk-free. If correctly dosed, the treatment sessions will only leave minor red marks for 2 hours which are similar to those from waxing.


To achieve permanent hair removal, several sessions are necessary at a rate of one session every 4 to 6 weeks. The hairs do not all grow at the same time but by successive generations and only adult hair follicles can be destroyed.

Before/after comparison

Please over the photo to see a before/after comparison

Treatment duration:
From 4 to 8 sessions depending on initial hair and body area
Result duration:
The duration of the treatment may change depending on initial hair and body area
Indicative budget :
From CHF 60.- per session

Permanent hair removal: prices

ZoneSessionsDurationPriceBook online
Armpits4-615 minCHF 150.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Areolas4-815 minCHF 60.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bikini classic (sides)4-630 minCHF 120.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bikini full (with glutual cleft)4-630 minCHF 200.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bikini (sides) + armpits4-630 minCHF 250.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bikini full + armpits4-630 minCHF 330.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bras & avant bras4-845 minCHF 400.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bras ou avant bras4-830 minCHF 200.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Thighs4-845 minCHF 400.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Back (full)6-845 minCHF 400.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Back (half)6-830 minCHF 200.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Shoulders4-830 minCHF 150.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Bottom4-830 minCHF 200.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Forehead4-615 minCHF 120.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Inbetween-eyebrow4-610 minCHF 60.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Inbetween-breast4-815 minCHF 60.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Full legs4-860 minCHF 600.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Upper lip4-810 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Upper lip + chin4-815 minCHF 130.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Abdominal line4-615 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Hands4-815 minCHF 160.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Chin4-810 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Half legs4-830 minCHF 400.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Nose4-610 minCHF 60.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Back neck6-815 minCHF 180.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Ears4-810 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Toes or knuckles4-810 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Feet4-815 minCHF 120.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Genital area4-830 minCHF 260.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Breast4-815 minCHF 120.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Eyebrows4-615 minCHF 80.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Full chest4-845 minCHF 400.-/sessionRéservation en ligne
Our price list is indicative and valid from 27 September 2020.

Discount for 18-28 years old: -25%

Cannot be combined with other offers, nor with subscriptions

Discount for Groupe Mutuel customers: -25%
Discount for Assura customers: -25%

Cannot be combined with other offers, nor with subscriptions

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