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Payment by instalments or invoice available.

25% discount for 18-28 year-olds.

-10% discount for over 64s.

  • Perineum
    Clinic 140 CHF / session Capsule Treatment not available in capsule.
  • Perineum / Pack 10 sessions
    Clinic 980 CHF Capsule Treatment not available in capsule.

Price list indicative and valid as of September 1, 2023.

Discounts subject to conditions, cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions.

Payment in instalments in collaboration with Swissbilling, subject to their approval and available in clinics only.

Further information

Any medical treatment requires prior consultation. A personalized quotation can be drawn up at the end of this consultation.

For greater comfort and the fulfillment of your femininity.


Cliniques Matignon has developed a department of aesthetic and functional gynecology, equipped with the very latest technology, to complete the overall care of our patients’ well-being.
We offer our patients a full range of treatments to help them regain optimum comfort, improve mucosal hydration, reduce irritation and recurrent infections, and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.
This autumn, we complete our range with a totally revolutionary device for the treatment of stress-induced urine loss: the Emsella treatment chair.

Nearly half of all women who have given birth vaginally suffer from stress incontinence, when coughing, laughing, jumping, etc. This incontinence worsens with age, with almost daily losses over the age of 65.
This phenomenon is due to a relaxation of the pelvic floor, the muscular structure that supports the entire perineum.
Until now, the only way to tone the pelvic floor was through regular physiotherapy, either on your own or with a specialist. The sessions are restrictive, sometimes humiliating, and vary in their effectiveness.
The launch of Emsella technology will change the lives of millions of women around the world. The device delivers high-intensity electro-magnetic waves (HIFEM), which cause super-efficient contraction of all pelvic floor muscles. The effect can be compared to that of the muscle stimulation devices used by athletes (electromyostimulation). Except that the muscles of the perineum are very difficult to exercise, and Emsella’s help is incredibly useful!


A 95% improvement in quality of life is achieved by reducing or eliminating stress-induced urine loss. Three out of four people no longer need sanitary protection at all.

For greater comfort and the fulfillment of your femininity.

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, women with pacemakers, intimate piercings or IUDs.
During treatment, no cell phones, credit cards or belts are permitted.


And surprisingly simple. Simply sit down, fully clothed, in the medical chair, and remain seated for 28 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity of stimulation. The patient sets the intensity level according to her tolerance. Repeat 6 sessions in a row, over a 3-week period. Women of all ages can benefit from this technique. Even as a preventive measure after childbirth.

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