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  • Stretch marks
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Have children!

But I’ve done it all: apricot butter on belly and thighs. No excessive weight gain…I listened to all the advice. But nature was stronger.

After giving birth to twins, I found myself, against my will, decorated with stretch marks on my stomach and upper thighs. I was convinced I was going to grow old with it.

During a check-up with my dermatologist, I told him about my concern and he referred me to the Clinique Matignon. The sessions that followed the aesthetic consultation were not very painful, and above all they enabled me to put a two-piece swimsuit back on. I’ve also rediscovered the pleasure of showing my husband my belly in the privacy of our own home. I found myself.

It’s true that I went back 5 times, but this investment of time was a reconciliation with my female body.

Further information

Any medical treatment requires prior consultation. A personalized quotation can be drawn up at the end of this consultation.

Stretch marks correspond to a deep rupture of elastic fibers, often at the time of growth, pregnancy or significant weight change. Until now, there has been no way of repairing this deep-seated damage using a medical technique.

The advent of the fractional laser has changed this situation, offering the possibility of reshaping the deep dermis without risk or scarring. The treatment can be performed at any age and on any skin type.


The treatment causes redness and slight swelling for 24 to 48 hours. Recovery is particularly rapid thanks to the fractionation system. Results can be seen 4 to 8 weeks after the last session, when collagen production is at its peak.


Treatment takes place under local anaesthetic and lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area. 3-5 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart are recommended.

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