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Any medical treatment requires prior consultation. A personalized quotation can be drawn up at the end of this consultation.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty using hyaluronic acid injections is highly effective for correcting a small bump on the nose, asymmetry or the tip of the nose in 1-2 times in 20 minutes.

Aesthetic medicine treatment using this filler can restore missing volume to the nose, correct an apparent defect such as an irregularity, bump or hollow, reshape the profile and bridge of the nose or raise the tip of the nose.


Using a very fine needle, the doctor applies hyaluronic acid deep into the contours of the nose.
The injections are carried out step by step, and at each stage the patient validates the improvement in his or her nose using a mirror.
Medical rhinoplasty is virtually painless, as the filler contains a local anesthetic that ensures maximum patient comfort during treatment (only the tip of the nose is a little sensitive).


Results are almost instantaneous and last from 12 to 18 months.


Treatment takes 20-30 minutes. Activities can be resumed immediately.
In some cases, the doctor may do a touch-up a fortnight after the first session to further improve the result.

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