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Payment by instalments or invoice available.

25% discount for 18-28 year-olds.

-10% discount for over 64s.

  • Anti-cellulite mesotherapy
    Clinic 280 CHF / session Capsule 195 CHF / session
  • Anti-cellulite mesotherapy, 3-session cure
    Clinic On request CHF / session Capsule 465 CHF / session
  • Anti-cellulite mesotherapy, 6-session cure
    Clinic 1'400 CHF Capsule On request CHF

Price list indicative and valid as of September 1, 2024.

Discounts subject to conditions, cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions.

Payment in instalments in collaboration with Swissbilling, subject to their approval and available in clinics only.

Further information

Mesotherapy is currently the most effective medical technique for treating orange peel skin, while actively participating in lymphatic and venous drainage. It is designed for people with surface irregularities who wish to improve skin texture.

Cellulite is an accumulation of adipose cells (fat cells) close to the skin’s surface. They are enclosed in fibrous compartments and very difficult to remove. Hormonal influences explain a preferential accumulation in women and in certain areas of the body, particularly the thighs and buttocks.


The combination of the following three preparations acts on all types of cellulite:

– Mesohyal Artichok: hyaluronic acid improves skin texture and appearance, while artichoke extract and mineral salts have a draining effect.
– Mesohyal Carnitine: hyaluronic acid and L-Carnitine to promote fatty acid metabolism (helps eliminate fat).
– Mesohyal Melilot: hyaluronic acid, Troxerutin Melilot extract and mineral salts. To activate microcirculation.


The improvement in skin texture and dimpled skin is visible from the 5th session. Skin is visibly smoothed, gaining in elasticity and evenness. Depending on the case, this technique may be combined with a session of cryolipolysis using Coolsculpting, in order to achieve additional body contouring.

Respecting basic dietary hygiene and exercising, draining and massaging will have a synergistic effect with the treatment.


Micro-injections are performed on all the areas concerned – thighs, hips and stomach – during a 30-minute session.

6 sessions spaced one week apart are recommended for initial treatment. We recommend regular maintenance sessions to maintain and even improve results.

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