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Payment by instalments or invoice available.

25% discount for 18-28 year-olds.

-10% discount for over 64s.

  • Scalp mesotherapy
    Clinic 280 CHF / session Capsule 195 CHF / session
  • Scalp mesotherapy, 3-session cure
    Clinic On request CHF / session Capsule 465 CHF / session
  • Scalp mesotherapy, 6-session cure
    Clinic 1'400 CHF Capsule On request CHF

Price list indicative and valid as of September 1, 2023.

Discounts subject to conditions, cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions.

Payment in instalments in collaboration with Swissbilling, subject to their approval and available in clinics only.

Further information

Scalp mesotherapy meets the needs of both men and women. Hair loss or deterioration in hair quality can be embarrassing. Mesotherapy effectively stimulates hair regrowth and strength.

Haircare is indicated in cases of reduced hair density, brittle, dry hair and chronic scalp irritation. This innovative formula combines hyaluronic acid and a restructuring vitamin complex.


Treatment involves multiple tingling of the entire scalp with a blend of hyaluronic acid, folic acid, biotin and specific vitamins.


The scalp is revitalized and moisturized, the dermis is protected by an antioxidant complex and hair loss is reduced. The hair’s texture is strengthened and its shine is restored.


The scalp is treated weekly for the first 6 weeks, then repeated two or three times a year.

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