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Fat melting by Liposonix®

For a long time, the cosmetic devices industry had been looking for a way to eliminate fat cells without skin penetration. Until recently, most of these procedures were long and not very effective.


Ultrasound is applied to the surface of the area to be treated in the form of slightly painful impulses. Anaesthesia is not necessary.


In the initial phase, the treated are appears swollen with some haematomas for about 10 days. Optimum results are obtained after 2-3 months.


The treatment takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the size of the area to be treated. This may be followed by 2nd treatment session after 4 months.

Before/after comparison

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Treatment duration:
1-2 sessions
Indicative budget :
On quotation

Fat melting by Liposonix®: prices

Discount for 18-28 years old: -25%

Any medical treatment requires a prior consulting. After the consultation a budget can be defined.
Aesthetic medicine consultation: 120.-

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